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Thursday May 23, 2019
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Mar 2019
Category: New Singles

hotsouse art

David Avi | Shine Feat. Kesale - Download / Artist Profile


You light up like a candle,
You belong in the sky coz you are a star,
Its kinda sad just to let Go,
Of this dream that you've had so near to your heart.

You are a soldier,
Held by Jehovah,
Lean on his shoulder,
You will walk and not faint,
You are a victor,
Just stick to the scripture,
Its why i say.
Its your time to shine yeah X4.

Me nafi shine up my light no shed,
Who the sun sets free yeah he free indeed,
Bright light shining up me head all day
Am a city on a hill only you can tell.
From back in the days been a soldier,
Battle belongs to Christ so he takes over,
He wins the victory then he hands over,
Head not the tail you a star not a loser.
Avi working,

Gota stand tall like a lighthouse,
Shine your light in the dark clouds,
You don't have to sit down saying its not fair,
But you got to fight to get you up there,
Victory yeah am a winner,
Loving me though am a sinner,
While others looked at my Flaws, you came down and opened my doors.

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