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Sunday June 16, 2019
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Apr 2019
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TGV | MOG (Man Original) - Download

The piece MOG is a general picture of life. MOG stands for ManOriGinal it represents the idea of what a human being  should originally be like. The basic unit of the world is a human being so the quality of the world is because of the quality of people. So the piece points out how the world is in a particular state but things could be and should be better and better starts with the individual. It also points out how in spite of all our differences we are one and how we should refuse to be defined by stereo types of this world.


Bukata Musonda stage name #TGV (The glory vessel) is a spoken word poet.He was born on 6th June 2000 and has been doing poetry since early 2016. He started writing and performing poetry in the church as a way to express or teach what he believed was true. He believes poetry can be used to unit, teach and build each other as people. Poetry is a way for him to share his experiences with the world so that others can know they are not alone and those that are coming after him can know what to expect. He has performed at various bittersweet poetry shows, shows hosted by the cliuqers and many other shows.


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