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Monday February 17, 2020
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Apr 2019
Category: New Singles


Dumisani TGR | What Next - Download

What Next is a Christian rap/trap song that answers the question, I'm saved, what next? After the Salvation process as talked about in Romans 10:9, what is required of a believer just then? Answers to those questions are in this song.


Dumisani (TheGospelRapper) is a medical student pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Medicine and surgery (MBChB). He is a young upcoming Christian rapper who has focussed his music on spreading the gospel through rap. 
His aim in rap is to spread the gospel, win souls and make many people come to the knowledge of faith by listening to his rap music. In short, he only RAPS the GOSPEL. 
His ad-lib is, "If it ain't preaching, it ain't rap." Meaning someone shouldn't just listen to rap music cause they want to praise the beat and the production but they should listen to Christian rap cause of the message they have to get from it, just like sitting down to listen to a sermon. 
He believes that with his music, people can actually find their identity in Christ and be encouraged and motivated to know what to do next after they are saved. He is motivated by 1 Peter 4:10-11 that tells us that God has given each one of us gifts according to his Grace and we should use these gifts to minister to the glory of God. 

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