Sep 2019
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Song Art work

Osward Nzimah | Bamupashi - Download

Ba Mupashi is a cry for a revolution, a song with the Holy Spirit at its core. Every believer has the opportunity to interact with the very essence of God revealed in the Person of the Holy Spirit when they thirst for Him. The natural is transformed and empowered for exploits after an encounter with the supernatural. [Acts 2]


Osward is a believer called in the ministry and service of praise and worship. He is deeply inspired to seek the face of God believing that every individual’s true identity can only be realised in the presence and love of the almighty God. He has great passion to reach out to the broken and underprivileged people with a message of Hope in Christ that God is able to do great and mighty things through anyone, provided they open up to Him and believe in the finished work of the cross. He believes that there is no greater empowerment than the one the Holy Spirit gives.  Osward started ministering at the age of 17 mostly during scripture union meetings in high school (Chizongwe Tech. High school). He leads worship and praise in church.