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Monday February 24, 2020
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Oct 2019
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Khalida You Love Like No Other ART

Khalida (Duchess Of Love) - You Love Like No Other - Download

"You love like no other" is a song that communicates the amazing love of God for us. It describes how GOD demonstrates and affirms his love. "He knows everything about me, the good and the bad, yet He still sees me the same and loves me still. He shows his love every day in so many ways: He heals my diseases, He guides me, He understands me so much that I don’t have to explain myself to Him, He talks to me, He touches my heart in ways no one ever could, He makes me believe the impossible, He saves me not only from sin but from situations that could destroy me, He loves like no other and saves like no other." The song was inspired by the Holy Spirit from Jeremiah 31 vs 3.


Mirriam “Khalida” Chivunda, also known as "the Duchess of Love," is a passionate praise and worship leader, song and script writer. She served as Choir director at Over-comers Faith Chapel and later joined her husband at Winners’ Chapel International where she also serves in the choir.

Khalida later joined together with other passionate believers and friends to come up with a gospel girl group called “The Vow” and recorded an album together. She then came to the limelight when she, as a solo artist did a cover of T-sharps “Our lives belong to you”, which has blessed masses.

Currently Khalida is signed to Rhythm City Entertainment within Lusaka. Her personal mandate is to communicate, demonstrate and teach about Gods love.

Khalida describes herself as a love being.

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