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Tuesday August 11, 2020
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Dec 2019
Category: New Singles

Dumisani EP

Dumisani TGR | The Cross Road EP - Download EP Here

Cross Road - Download
Eternal Well Within ft Theseries - Download
Veracity_TheGospel - Download
What Next? - Download
What Next? Part 2 - Download
Never give up ft Bryan TheGiftedArtist & Linda - Download
Cadre for Jesus ft Dunamis - Download
Mabvuto (Problems) is at a cross road and he doesn't know what to do or where to turn to. This is a story of how He found his identity in Christ and becomes a cadre for Jesus. The joy of the Lord became his strength as his name changed to Tabo (Joy) through the hearing the Gospel (Veracity) from TGR, knowing what to do next after being saved and understanding that eternity is what matters the most at the end of it all. He also gets to realise that his true satisfaction comes through the eternal well within(Jesus). In the journey to the road to the cross, he is encouraged not to give up despite the challenges he might face on earth.

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