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Wednesday July 08, 2020
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Jan 2020
Category: New Singles


David Avi | 2020 - Download

2020 is a song that encourages us to start the year 2020 with Christ, puting our lives and trust in him to see us through.


David Mwaifunga was born on the 10th of June and goes by the stage name David Avi, though others prefer to call him Dj Avi or Dj Avido. The “Avi” is just David without the d’s, while the “Dj” came about during his early stages as a music producer. His interest in music grew after learning how to play an acoustic guitar through a music club during his junior secondary education. He then went on further to learn how to play drums, a keyboard, write songs and finally music production which was all done to the praise and glory of the name of Jesus. He grew up in a God fearing family and gave his life to the Lord at a young age. Music has been a way in which he exalts the love, Power and faithfulness of God and reaches out to tell others about it as he has seen through his life.

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