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Tuesday September 29, 2020
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Jan 2020
Category: New Singles


SuperRhymer | Teaspoon - Download

SuperRhymer’s first solo release in almost 2 years is finally here! On this song he expresses how he’s not satisfied with his current position and wants growth. The song was produced by Izu & SuperRhymer


Lameck Zulu a.k.a SuperRhymer is a Zambian singer, songwriter, producer and rapper. He was raised on the Copperbelt by a single mother before relocation to Lusaka to pursue a career in music. He discovered the power and influence of music at a tender age so when he took up making music as a full time commitment, his aim was to use it as a tool to preach a message of Hope and give youths music with substance.

Some of his achievements include emerging as winner in the Radio Christian Voice music competition dubbed “The Nameless Show” in 2015, where he competed with Christian rappers from across Lusaka. His Song “Twa Sansaula” was the most downloaded song on Retunes for the month of December 2016. He’s worked with artists like Mag44, Pompi, James Sakala, Geo, Church Ulukuta and Solomon Plate. He was signed to Brave Only Music in 2017 and released his debut EP “Take Over” in the same year. In 2018 he worked on a collaborate album with Mag44 titled “Power”. After the album, they did a series of tours around Lusaka in what was called the “Power Tour”. He featured on track 5 of Mag44 and Pompi’s collaborative album “Bwana”.

SuperRhymer is known for his superfast tongue twisting rapping, creative word play and his ability to sing just as well as he raps. In 2019 he was signed to Xplode+ alongside Legend’Son.

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